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Coyote Vocals

207 -Coyote Locator
206 -Siren*
160 -Cal's Federal Siren*
162 -Howling Dogs
101 -Coyote Yips
C25 -Coyote Group Yip Howls
C32 -Yipping Coyotes
C39 -Coyote Family
C31 -Coyote Pair Yip Howls
C36 -Coyote Yip Duet
C26 -Coyote Pair
C37 -Coyote Duet
C38 -Coyote Duet 2
C35 -Female Coyote Submissive
C17 -Coyote Female Whimpers
C40 -Fem Coy Sore Howls
C16 -Female Coyote Howls
C28 -Coyote Female Yodel Howl
C29 -Female Coyote Deep Howls
C19 -Female Coyote Long Howls 1
C20 -Female Coyote Long Howls 2
C21 -Female Coyote Long Howls 3
C15 -Female Coyote Bark Howls
C18 -Female Coyote Bark Howls 2
C23 -Female Coyote Challenge Barks
C24 -Female Coyote Challenge
183 -Coyote Challenge Howl
184 -Male Coyote Challenge 4
185 -Male Coyote Challenge Scream
C33 -Male Coyote Long Howl 1
C34 -Male Coyote Howls
C30 -Coyote Male Barks
180 -Coyote Barks
219 -Coyote Threat Bark Howl
103 -Troubled Coyote
100 -Coyote Growls
181 -Coyote Pup Howl
C22 -Coyote Pup Screams
216 -Coyote Pup Distress 2
C27 -Coyote Pup Distress 3
217 -Coyote Pup Frenzy
182 -Baby Coyotes
210 -Coyote Death Cry
218 -Coyote KiYi*
Z07 -Coyote Pup + Rabbit
Z00 -Coyote + Canine Pups
214 -Coyote + Rabbit
215 -Coyote + Fawn
220 -Coyote & Fox Fight
010 -Coyote + Fox

Fox Sounds

011 -Gray Fox Fight
012 -Gray Fox + Rabbit
222 -Gray Fox + Woodpecker
224 -Gray Fox Distress
226 -Scream-n Gray Fox
C85 -Platinum Gray Fox
C86 -Steeltown Gray Fox
C87 -Adult Grey Fox Dist
C88 -Grey Fox Fight 2
935 -Grieving Grey Fox
225 -Gray Fox Pup 1
C89 -Kit Fox Dist
221 -Red fox Rally
223 -Red fox + Rabbit
227 -Red Fox Distress
229 -Red fox Pup
C79 -Red Fox Pups
C75 -Baby Red Fox Distress 1
C76 -Baby Red Fox Distress 2
C77 -Juvenille Red Fox Distress
C78 -Juvenille Red Foxes
228 -Arctic Fox call
519 -Fox Whistle*

Bobcat Sounds

230 -Bobcat in Heat*
380 -Aggressive Bobcat
F10 -Angry Bobcat
F11 -Baby Bobcat

Rabbit Distress

233 -Jackrabbit Distress
L00 -Lightning Jack
Z02 -Lightning Jack + Adult Cot
L01 -Dying Jack
L02 -Lil Jack
L07 -Waning Jack
L09 -Raspy Jack
231 -Crying Jack
232 -Scream-n-Jack
234 -Angry Jack
235 -Slow Jack
236 -Jack Rabbit Dist 2
L11 -White Tailed Jack
L13 -White Tailed Jack 2
L10 -Devil Hare
L12 -Mountain Hare
L03 -Snowshoe 1
L04 -Snowshoe 2
L05 -Snowshoe 3
L06 -Snowshoe High Pitch
L08 -Waning Snowshoe
L50 -Scream-n Rabbit
L57 -Eastern Cottontail
L55 -Adult Cottontail
151 -Grown Cottontail
237 -Cottontail Distress 1
354 -DSG Cottontail
355 -Cal's Cottontail
L56 -CF Cottontail
L58 -Cagie Cottontail
L59 -Lil's Cottontail
Z06 -Adult + Baby Cottontail
L54 -Bay Bee Cottontail
L64 -Bay Bee Cottontail 2
350 -Baby Cottontail Distress
240 -Baby Cottontail
L60 -Big Baby Cottontail
L61 -Baby Cotton Tail 2
L62 -Baby Cottontail Duet2
L63 -Rabbit
351 -Baby Cottontail Frenzy
L53 -Lil Rabbit
737 -Young Rabbit Distress
239 -Cottontail Duet
L51 -Big Rabbit Distress
L52 -Mad Rabbit Distress
735 -Spring Hare Distress
736 -Scrub Hare Distress

Rodent Distress

249 -Rodent Distress
R10 -Field Mouse Distress
R11 -Meadow Mouse
514 -Mouse Squeaker*
525 -Western Vole
241 -Vole Squeak
R07 -Vole Squeaks
517 -High Frequency Squeaks*
518 -Freaky Squeaks*
515 -Chirping Coaxer*
503 -Sage Rat Distress
R04 -Young Rat Distress
R05 -Adult Rat Distress
R06 -Rat Duet
516 -Luscious Lips*
250 -Kiss of Death*
120 -Crazy Critter*
R00 -Guinea Pigs
R01 -Guinea Pig 2
242 -Groundhog Distress
245 -Squirrel Distress
523 -Belding Squirrel
R02 -Flying Squirrel
R03 -Grey Squirrel Distress
R08 -Red Squirrel Distress
R09 -Roar-n-Red Squirrel
501 -Squirrel Barks*
247 -Prairie Dog Distress
510 -Prairie Dog All Clear

General Sounds

N20 -Angry Badger
N50 -Baby Porcupine
N51 -Adult Porcupine
N21 -Weasel
524 -Porcupine
121 -Javelina's Demise*
N40 -Little Brown Bat


Z50 -Alligator Baby
Z51 -Baby Alligator 2
Z52 -Alligator Group
Z53 -Alligator Group 2
Z54 -Big Baby Gator
Z55 -Alligator Bellow
Z56 -Gator Bellow and Baby

Bird Distress

290 -Lucky Bird
291 -Woodpecker Distress
B00 -Raspy Woodpecker
B01 -Weep-N Woodpecker
B02 -Wail-N Woodpecker
B03 -Wacky Woodpecker
B04 -Worried Woodpecker
B05 -Hairy Woodpecker 1
B06 -Hairy woodpecker 2
B07 -Red Belly Woodpecker 1
B08 -Red Belly Woodpecker 2
B10 -Red Belly Woodpecker 3
B09 -Woodpecker
292 -Northern Flicker
Z04 -Sparrow - Raspy Woodpecker
B82 -English Sparrow Dist
B83 -Distressed Sparrows
293 -Young Blue Jay Dist
332 -Screamin' Blue Jay Dist
333 -Adult Blue Jay Dist
B75 -Blue Jay Dist
B89 -Grey Jay Dist
298 -Starling Distress
B71 -Starling Dist
B72 -Distressed Starlings
B91 -Starling Screams
B92 -Mad Starling
B85 -Titmouse Tantrum
B86 -Nutty Nuthatch
B87 -Ranting Red Bird
B70 -Finch Distress
B73 -Grey Catbird Dist
336 -Female Cardinal Dist
337 -Male Cardinal Dist
B84 -Cranky Male Cardinal Dist
601 -Cow Bird Duet
335 -Cow Bird Dist
B74 -Goldfinch Distress
B76 -Robin Distress
B94 -Robin Distress 2
331 -Shorebird Distress
334 -Game Bird Distress
294 -Partridge Distress
295 -Pheasant Distress
520 -Ring-Neck Pheasant
296 -Quail Distress
522 -Chuckar
B90 -Chicken Distress
243 -Chicken Distress 1
521 -Chicken Distress 2
B93 -Rooster
B80 -Baby Turkey
B81 -Baby Turkey Trio
297 -Turkey Distress
338 -Great Blue Heron Dist
339 -Guinea Fowl Distress
B77 -Wood Duckling
B78 -Wood Ducklings
B79 -Mallard Duckling
330 -Mallard Duckling Distress

Raccoon Sounds

352 -Raccoon + Baby Cott Dist
Z03 -Screamin' Rabbit Raccoon
N00 -Raccoon Distress 1
N01 -Raccoon Distress 2
N04 -Young Raccoon Distress
N07 -Raccoon Pup
N08 -Raccoon Pups
266 -Raccoon Puppies
N09 -Raccoon Pup Distress
N10 -Raccoon Pup Cries
N02 -Raccoon Fight
N05 -Aggressive Raccoon
N06 -Mad Boar Raccoon
N03 -Twittering Raccoon
N11 -Raccoons

Hog Sounds

341 -Wild Pig Distress
244 -Baby Pig Distress
H20 -Lil' Piggy
H03 -Baby Pig Distress
H04 -Juvenille Pig Distress
H00 -Begging Hogs
H01 -Feeding Frenzy 1
H02 -Feeding Frenzy 2
H05 -Sow Protection
H07 -Sow + Boar Fight
H06 -Hog Bachelor Fight
H08 -Boar Sparring

Domestic Animals

C00 -Canine Pups 1
C01 -Canine Pups 2
600 -Canine Pups
620 -Byron's Canine Pups
C03 -Baying Hounds
C04 -Barking Canine
391 -Cal's Kittens
F00 -Kitten Cries
F01 -Crying Kittens
246 -Kitten Distress
F02 -Kitten Distress 2
F03 -Distressed Kittens
M00 -Kid Goat Cries 2
M01 -Kid Goat Distress 2
M02 -Baby Goat 1
M04 -Baby Goat 2
M03 -Juvenille Lost Goat
Z05 -Goat Cries + Kid Goat
M05 -Crying Calf
M06 -Calf Scream
M07 -Distressed Calf
258 -Lost Sheep

Deer Sounds

251 -Antelope Fawn Distress
D55 -Antelope Fawn Cry
D56 -Male Antelope Dist
D00 -Whitetail Distress
D01 -Whitetail Buck Fawn 1
D02 -Whitetail Buck Fawn 2
D03 -Whitetail Doe Fawn 1
D04 -Whitetail Doe Fawn 2
Z01 -Deer Distress & Fawn Dist
D06 -Whitetail Young Distress
D07 -Angry Young Whitetail
360 -Blacktail Doe Distress
361 -Blacktail Fawn Distress
363 -Mule Deer Fawn
195 -Fawn Distress
259 -Fawn Dist
255 -Fawn Bleats
203 -Doe Estrous Bleat*
202 -Buck Grunts*
204 -Tending Grunts*
205 -Buck Snort Wheeze*
201 -Antler Rattling*
199 -Light Sparring*
200 -Buck Fight*
D05 -Aggressive Whitetail

Elk Sounds

D32 -Bugle-M-In
D33 -Magnum Bugles
D34 -Courting Bugles
260 -Elk Bull Bugling
405 -Elk Bull Bugle 2
400 -Satelite Bull Bugle
406 -Satelite Bull Bugling 2
403 -Elk Cow and Bull
261 -Elk Cow Chirps
401 -Elk Estrous*
D31 -Elk Chuckle
D30 -Elk Calf Distress
402 -Elk Calf*
404 -Elk Calves

Moose Sounds

D45 -Moose Grunts
191 -Moose Bull Grunts*
263 -Moose Cow*
197 -Moose Cow 2
194 -Moose Cow 3*
196 -Hyper Moose Cow*
262 -Moose Ooh-Wah*
264 -Moose Rattling*
190 -Moose Thrashing*
D46 -Thrashing Moose
192 -Moose Urinating*
193 -Moose in Water

Wolf Sounds

320 -Lone Wolf
324 -Wolf Pair Howl
325 -Wolf Chorus Howl
321 -Wolf Pack 1
326 -Wolf Pack 2
328 -Wolf Pack 3
322 -Wolf Growl
323 -Wolf Pups

Mt Lion Sounds

370 -Mt Lion in Heat
372 -Mt Lion Begging
373 -Mt Lion Whistle
374 -Mt Lion Courting
375 -Mt Lion Female

Bear Sounds

253 -Bear Cub Distress 1
170 -Bear Cub Distress 2
F50 -Huffs Jaw Snaps

Crow/Raven/Magpie Sounds

270 -Crow Fight
271 -Crow Party
272 -Crow Duet
273 -Ugly Crow*
275 -Dying Crow
276 -Crow + Hawk Fight
277 -Crow + Owl Fight*
278 -Crow Gathering
279 -Struggling Crow
280 -Crows
B52 -Crows 2
013 -Crows + Rabbit
531 -Raven
B51 -Raven Duet
532 -Raven Pair
533 -Raven Flock
268 -Feeding Ravens
Z09 -Ravens + Jack Rabbit
Z08 -Magpies + Jackrabbit
B50 -Magpies
B53 -Juv Magpie Dist
530 -Magpie Fight

Turkey Sounds

B65 -Barred Owl
B66 -Barred Owls
283 -Turkey Gobbles
284 -Gobbles and Yelps
B30 -Turkey Gobbles 2
450 -Excited Young Hen Yelps*
451 -Young Turkey Hen Yelps*
452 -Raspy Turkey Hen Yelps*
453 -Turkey Tree Yelps*
285 -Wild Turkey Hen
286 -Lost Turkey Hen*
287 -Turkey Kee-Kee*
289 -Turkey Purrs*
455 -Turkey Fighting Purrs*
454 -Turkey Cuts*
288 -Flydown Cackle*

Waterfowl Sounds

142 -Mallard Chatter*
143 -Mallard Comeback*
144 -Mallard Drake*
145 -Mallard Feed Call*
311 -Feeding Mallards
146 -Mallard Greeting*
149 -Wood Duck Squeal*
150 -Wood Duck Whine*
141 -Gadwall*
316 -Widgeon*
140 -Blue Winged Teal*
314 -Pinteal Whistle*
315 -Green Wing Teal*
132 -Canadian Geese Large Flock*
304 -Canadian Geese Comeback 1*
305 -Canadian Geese Comeback 2*
306 -Canadian Geese Comeback 3*
309 -Canadian Geese Laydown 1*
310 -Canadian Geese Laydown 2*
312 -Canadian Geese Laydown 3*
313 -Canadian Geese Laydown 4*
299 -Snow Goose Single*
302 -Snow Goose Hail*
303 -Snow Goose Double*
300 -Snow Geese
301 -Snow GS Lrg Flock*
147 -Snow Goose Small Flock*
307 -Snow Goose Large Flock 1
308 -Snow Goose Large Flock 2
148 -Speckle Belly Clucking*
317 -Speckle Belly Comeback*
318 -Speckle Belly Greet*
319 -Sandhill Crane

African Sounds

710 -Black Backed Jackal
711 -Jackal Challenge
712 -Jackal Howl
713 -Jackal
720 -Cheetah Female Call
721 -Cheetah Male Call
722 -Cheetah Purr
750 -African Lion Roar
751 -African Lion Cub Beg
705 -Spotted Hyena
760 -Knight Owl
730 -Princess Bird Distress

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