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You choose 35, 50, 75, or 100 sounds of your choice from this list depending on the model you purchased. 

35 sounds of your choice = Patriot, BuckPro

50 sounds of your choice = NX4

75 sounds of your choice = Inferno, SnowPro, Snow Commando

100 sounds of your choice = Banshee, Hammerjack 2, Fusion, CS24C, Shockwave, Truck Pro, Super Snow Crow Pro, Xwave, X24, X2S, X1.

Instructions: Click the check box next to the sounds you want. There is a counter on the top and bottom of the selection chart that totals your selection for you (if the counter is not working, refresh your page and start again). If you select more than your allotted sounds, you will be required to re-do the sound selection until you select the appropriate amount of sounds. If you want more sounds than your unit comes with you must purchase the additional sounds from FOXPRO directly. We DO NOT sell additional sounds. If you wish to select LESS than your allotted sounds, simply write a note in the comments section at the bottom stating that you do not want the full amount. Once you finish selecting your sounds, scroll down on the page and enter the displayed security code in the provided text box and click the "Submit" button. If done correctly, you will be redirected to a "Thank You" page. If you do not see the "Thank You" page, please call to verify that the sounds came through correctly 888-826-9683.

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Coyote Vocals

1C5 -Young Coyote Howl
207 -Coyote Locator
162 -Howling Dogs
101 -Coyote Yips
C25 -Coyote Group Yip Howls
C32 -Yipping Coyotes
C39 -Coyote Family
C31 -Coyote Pair Yip Howls
C36 -Coyote Yip Duet
C26 -Coyote Pair
C37 -Coyote Duet
C38 -Coyote Duet 2
C35 -Female Coyote Submissive
C17 -Coyote Female Whimpers
C40 -Fem Coy Sore Howls
C41 -Inquisitive Coyote
C42 -Coyote Yaps
C43 -Great Group
C45 -Coyote Pair Challenge
C16 -Female Coyote Howls
C28 -Coyote Female Yodel Howl
C29 -Female Coyote Deep Howls
C19 -Female Coyote Long Howls 1
C20 -Female Coyote Long Howls 2
C21 -Female Coyote Long Howls 3
C15 -Female Coyote Bark Howls
C18 -Female Coyote Bark Howls 2
104 -Female Coyote Barks
105 -Mild Coyote Barks
106 -Agitated Coyote Barks
107 -Angry Coyote Barks
C23 -Female Coyote Challenge Barks
C24 -Female Coyote Challenge
183 -Challenge Howl 2
184 -Male Coyote Challenge 4
185 -Male Coyote Challenge Scream
C33 -Male Coyote Long Howl 1
C34 -Male Coyote Howls
C30 -Coyote Male Barks
180 -Coyote Barks
102 -Male Coyote Threats
219 -Coyote Threat Bark Howl
103 -Troubled Coyote
100 -Coyote Growls
181 -Coyote Pup Howl
C22 -Coyote Pup Screams
216 -Coyote Pup Distress 2
C27 -Coyote Pup Distress 3
C44 -Den Mayhem
C46 -Troubled Coyote Pup
C47 -Cornered Coyote Pup
C48 -Mini Mouthy Coyote Pup
C49 -Sniveling Coyote Pup
C50 -Shiller Coyote Pup
C51 -Clutch Pup
C52 -Coyote Pup Growls
C53 -Defensive Coyote Pup
C54 -Coyote Pups Play Fight
C55 -Pup Grudge Match
C56 -Coyote Pup Brawl
C57 -Coyote Pup 314
C58 -Den Heist
C59 -Graveling Coyote Pup
C60 -Bent Up Coyote Pup
C61 -Flea Bit Pup
C62 -Mangy Pup Squeaks
C63 -Wigged Out Coyote Pup
C64 -Chattering Pup
C65 -Coyote Pup Distress Yaps
C66 -Pot Luck Coyote Pup
C67 -Tin Town Pups
C68 -Soprano-Tenor Coyote Pups
C69 -Whippie Coyote Pups
C70 -Frantic Coyote Pup
C71 -Nutty Nut Pup
C72 -Coyote Pup Bleak Squeaks
C73 -HP Coyote Pup
C74 -Trivering HP Pup
217 -Coyote Pup Frenzy
182 -Baby Coyotes
210 -Coyote Death Cry
Z07 -Coyote Pup + Rabbit
Z00 -Coyote + Canine Pups
214 -Coyote + Rabbit
215 -Coyote + Fawn
220 -Coyote & Fox Fight
010 -Coyote + Fox

Fox Sounds

011 -Gray Fox Fight
012 -Gray Fox + Rabbit
222 -Gray Fox + Woodpecker
224 -Gray Fox Distress
226 -Scream-n Gray Fox
C85 -Platinum Gray Fox Pup
C86 -Steeltown Gray Fox Pup
C87 -Adult Grey Fox Dist
C88 -Grey Fox Fight
935 -Grieving Grey Fox
936 -Growling Grey Fox
225 -Gray Fox Pup 1
C89 -Kit Fox Dist
221 -Red fox Rally
223 -Red fox + Rabbit
227 -Red Fox Distress
229 -Red fox Pup
C79 -Red Fox Pups
C75 -Baby Red Fox Distress 1
C76 -Baby Red Fox Distress 2
C77 -Juvenile Red Fox Distress
C78 -Juvenile Red Foxes
C80 -Struggling Red Fox
C81 -Red Fox Attacked
937 -KT Red Fox Barks
938 -Red Fox Talk-n
939 -Raspy Red Fox Distress
940 -Red Fox Com Bark
941 -Red Fox Com Bark 2
228 -Arctic Fox call

Bobcat Sounds

380 -Aggressive Bobcat
F10 -Angry Bobcat
F11 -Baby Bobcat

Rabbit Distress

233 -Jackrabbit Distress
L00 -Lightning Jack
Z02 -Lightning Jack + Adult Cot
L01 -Dying Jack
L02 -Lil Jack
L07 -Waning Jack
L09 -Raspy Jack
231 -Crying Jack
232 -Scream-n-Jack
234 -Angry Jack
235 -Slow Jack
236 -Jack Rabbit Dist 2
L11 -White Tailed Jack
L13 -White Tailed Jack 2
L14 -Antelope Jack
L15 -Weno Jack
L16 -Mix Jack
L17 -Bay Bee Jack
L18 -Baby Bee Jack 2
L19 -Pipsqueak Jack
L20 -Wee Jack
L21 -Jack Jr
L22 -Petite Jack
L23 -Young Jack
L24 -Lil Jack Duet
L10 -Devil Hare
L12 -Mountain Hare
L03 -Snowshoe 1
L04 -Snowshoe 2
L05 -Snowshoe 3
L06 -Snowshoe High Pitch
L08 -Waning Snowshoe
L50 -Scream-n Rabbit
L57 -Eastern Cottontail
L55 -Adult Cottontail
151 -Grown Cottontail
237 -Cottontail Distress 1
354 -DSG Cottontail
355 -Cal's Cottontail
L56 -CF Cottontail
L58 -Cagie Cottontail
L59 -Lil's Cottontail
Z06 -Adult + Baby Cottontail
L54 -Bay Bee Cottontail
L64 -Bay Bee Cottontail 2
L65 -Mr McCottontail
L66 -Mrs McCottontail
350 -Baby Cottontail Distress 1
240 -Baby Cottontail 3
L60 -Big Baby Cottontail
L61 -Baby Cotton Tail 2
L62 -Baby Cottontail Duet2
L63 -Rabbit
351 -Baby Cottontail Frenzy
L53 -Lil Rabbit
737 -Young Rabbit Distress
239 -Cottontail Duet
L51 -Big Rabbit Distress
L52 -Mad Rabbit Distress
735 -Spring Hare Distress
736 -Scrub Hare Distress
950 -Slock Master 1

Rodent Distress

249 -Rodent Distress
R10 -Field Mouse Distress
R11 -Meadow Mouse
R12 -Mouse Distress
R13 -Deer Mouse Distress
R14 -Mad Mouse
R15 -Mr Mouse
525 -Western Vole
R07 -Vole Squeaks
503 -Sage Rat Distress
R04 -Young Rat Distress
R05 -Adult Rat Distress
R06 -Rat Duet
526 -Smacked Rat
R00 -Guinea Pigs
R01 -Guinea Pig 2
R16 -Gabbing Guinea Pig
242 -Groundhog Distress
245 -Squirrel Distress
523 -Belding Squirrel
R02 -Flying Squirrel
R03 -Grey Squirrel Distress
R17 -Grieving Grey Squirrel
R18 -Growl-n Grey Squirrel
R19 -Earls Grey Squirrel
R20 -Grey Squirrel Delight
R08 -Red Squirrel Distress
R09 -Roar-n-Red Squirrel
247 -Prairie Dog Distress
510 -Prairie Dog All Clear

General Sounds

N20 -Angry Badger
N50 -Baby Porcupine
N51 -Adult Porcupine
N21 -Weasel
524 -Porcupine
N40 -Little Brown Bat


Z50 -Alligator Baby
Z51 -Baby Alligator 2
Z52 -Alligator Group
Z53 -Alligator Group 2
Z54 -Big Baby Gator
Z55 -Alligator Bellow
Z56 -Gator Bellow and Baby

Bird Distress

5B0 -Flycatcher Distress
5B1 -Western Flycatcher Distress
5B2 -Baby Killdeer Distress
5B3 -Killdeer Alert
5B4 -Killdeer Pair
5B5 -Lost Baby Killdeer
5B6 -Brown Thrasher 2
B88 -Brown Thrasher Distress
290 -Lucky Bird
291 -Woodpecker Distress
B00 -Raspy Woodpecker
B01 -Weep-N Woodpecker
B02 -Wail-N Woodpecker
B03 -Wacky Woodpecker
B04 -Worried Woodpecker
B05 -Hairy Woodpecker 1
B06 -Hairy woodpecker 2
B07 -Red Bellied Woodpecker 1
B08 -Red Bellied Woodpecker 2
B10 -Red Bellied Woodpecker 3
B09 -Woodpecker
330 -KT Woodpecker Delight
292 -Northern Flicker
Z04 -Sparrow - Raspy Woodpecker
B82 -English Sparrow Dist
B83 -Distressed Sparrows
293 -Young Blue Jay Dist
332 -Screamin' Blue Jay Dist
333 -Adult Blue Jay Dist
B75 -Blue Jay Dist
B89 -Grey Jay Dist
298 -Starling Distress
B71 -Starling Dist
B72 -Distressed Starlings
B91 -Starling Screams
B92 -Mad Starling
B97 -Young Starling Distress
B98 -Young Starling Distress 2
342 -Startled Starling 1
343 -Startled Starling 2
B85 -Titmouse Tantrum
B86 -Nutty Nuthatch
B87 -Ranting Red Bird
B70 -Finch Distress
B73 -Grey Catbird Dist
336 -Female Cardinal Dist
337 -Male Cardinal Dist
B84 -Cranky Male Cardinal Dist
601 -Cow Bird Duet
335 -Cow Bird Dist
B74 -Goldfinch Distress
B76 -Robin Distress
B94 -Robin Distress 2
B95 -Young Robin Distress
B96 -Young Robin Distress 2
B99 -Western Kingbird Distress
331 -Shorebird Distress
334 -Game Bird Distress
294 -Partridge Distress
295 -Pheasant Distress
520 -Ring-Neck Pheasant
296 -Quail Distress
522 -Chuckar
B90 -Chicken Distress
243 -Chicken Distress 1
521 -Chicken Distress 2
340 -KT Chicken Distress
B93 -Rooster
B80 -Baby Turkey
B81 -Baby Turkey Trio
297 -Turkey Distress
338 -Heron Distress
339 -Guinea Fowl Distress
B77 -Wood Duckling
B78 -Wood Ducklings
B79 -Mallard Duckling
344 -Lark Bunting Distress
345 -Barn Swallow Distress
346 -Barn Swallow Distress 2
347 -Bird Duet
348 -KT Mocking Bird

Raccoon Sounds

352 -Raccoon + Baby Cott Dist
Z03 -Screamin' Rabbit Raccoon
N00 -Raccoon Distress 1
N01 -Raccoon Distress 2
N12 -Hurt Raccoon
N13 -Raided Raccoon
267 -KT Raccoon Death Cries
N04 -Young Raccoon Distress
N07 -Raccoon Pup
N08 -Raccoon Pupppies
266 -Raccoon Pups
N09 -Raccoon Pup Distress
N10 -Raccoon Pup Cries
N02 -Raccoon Fight
N05 -Aggressive Raccoon
N06 -Mad Boar Raccoon
N03 -Twittering Raccoon
N11 -Raccoons

Hog Sounds

341 -Wild Pig Distress
244 -Baby Pig Distress
H20 -Lil' Piggy
H03 -Baby Pig Distress
H04 -Juvenile Pig Distress
H00 -Begging Hogs
H01 -Feeding Frenzy 1
H02 -Feeding Hogs 2
H05 -Sow Protection
H07 -Sow + Boar Fight
H06 -Hog Bachelor Fight
H08 -Big Sparring Boars

Domestic Animals

C00 -Canine Pups 1
C01 -Canine Pups 2
C02 -Canine Pup Distress
C05 -Canine Pup Distress 2
C06 -Canine Pup Hyper
C07 -Canine on Guard
C08 -Canine on Guard 2
600 -Canine Pups
620 -Canine Pups 3
C03 -Baying Hounds
C09 -Baying Dog
C04 -Barking Canine
C10 -Junk Yard Dog
391 -Cal's Kittens
F00 -Kitten Cries
F01 -Crying Kittens
246 -Kitten Distress
F02 -Kitten Distress 2
F03 -Distressed Kittens
M00 -Kid Goat Cries 2
M01 -Kid Goat Distress 2
M02 -Baby Goat 1
M04 -Baby Goat 2
M03 -Juvenile Lost Goat
Z05 -Goat Cries + Kid Goat
M05 -Crying Calf
M06 -Calf Scream
M07 -Distressed Calf
258 -Lost Sheep

Deer Sounds

251 -Antelope Fawn Distress
252 -Antelope Fawn Bawl
D55 -Antelope Fawn Cry
D56 -Male Antelope Dist
D00 -Whitetail Distress
D01 -Whitetail Buck Fawn 1
D02 -Whitetail Buck Fawn 2
D03 -Whitetail Doe Fawn 1
D04 -Whitetail Doe Fawn 2
Z01 -Whitetail Doe & Fawn Dist
D06 -Whitetail Young Distress
D07 -Angry Young Whitetail
360 -Blacktail Doe Distress
361 -Blacktail Fawn Distress
363 -Mule Deer Fawn
D08 -Mule Deer Fawn Cries
195 -Fawn Distress
255 -Fawn Bleats
D05 -Aggressive Whitetail

Elk Sounds

D32 -Bugle-M-In
D33 -Magnum Bugles
D34 -Courting Bugles
260 -Elk Bull Bugling
405 -Elk Bull Bugle 2
400 -Satelite Bull Bugle
406 -Satelite Elk 2
403 -Elk Cow and Bull
261 -Elk Cow Chirps
D31 -Elk Chuckle
D30 -Elk Calf Distress
404 -Elk Calves

Moose Sounds

D45 -Moose Grunts
197 -Moose Cow 2
D46 -Thrashing Moose
193 -Moose in Water

Wolf Sounds

320 -Lone Wolf
324 -Wolf Pair Howl
325 -Wolf Chorus Howl
326 -Wolf Pack 2
328 -Wolf Pack 3
322 -Wolf Growl
323 -Wolf Pups

Mt Lion Sounds

370 -Mt Lion in Heat
372 -Mt Lion Begging
373 -Mt Lion Whistle
374 -Mt Lion Courting
375 -Mt Lion Female

Bear Sounds

253 -Bear Cub Distress 1
170 -Bear Cub Distress 2
F50 -Huffs Jaw Snaps

Crow/Raven/Magpie Sounds

270 -Crow Fight
271 -Crow Party
272 -Crow Duet
275 -Dying Crow
276 -Crow + Hawk Fight
278 -Crow Gathering
279 -Struggling Crow
280 -Crows
B52 -Crows 2
013 -Crows + Rabbit
B51 -Raven Duet
B58 -Raven Baby Distress
B59 -Raven Baby Duet
532 -Raven Pair
533 -Raven Flock
Z09 -Ravens + Jack Rabbit
Z08 -Magpies + Jackrabbit
B50 -Magpies
B53 -Juv Magpie Dist
B54 -Magpie Distress
B55 -Magpie Duet
B56 -Magpie Hurt
B57 -Magpie Marvel
530 -Magpie Fight

Turkey Sounds

283 -Turkey Gobbles
284 -Gobbles and Yelps
B30 -Turkey Gobbles 2
B31 -Old Tom Gobbling
B32 -Dueling Gobblers
B33 -Jake Gobbles
B42 -Jake Gobbles 2
B34 -Spits Yelps Gobbles
B35 -Just Yelps
B36 -Yelping Hen
B37 -Hens CYP
B38 -Just Clucks
B39 -Cluck Yelps
B40 -Tree Talk
B41 -Jake Talk
285 -Wild Turkey Hen
B65 -Barred Owl
B66 -Barred Owls

Waterfowl Sounds

050 -SR Small Flock(SG)
051 -SR Medium Flock(SG)
052 -SR Large Flock(SG)
053 -SR XL Flock(SG)
054 -SB Feeders & Callers(SG)
055 -SB Fighters(SG)
056 -SB Fighters & Feeders(SG)
057 -SB Mellow Callers(SG)
058 -SB Feeder Sounds(SG)
059 -SB Loud and Proud(SG)
060 -CHD Ross Callers SMflock(RG)
061 -CHD Callers Lite(SG)
062 -CHD Callers(SG)
063 -CHD Deep Snow(SG)
064 -CHD Feeders(SG)
065 -UHD Ross Feeders(RG)
066 -UHD Calling all Snows(SG)
067 -UHD Feeders Callers Lite(SG)
068 -UHD Feeders Callers(SG)
069 -UHD Kitchen Sink(SG)
123 -Excited Calling(SG)
124 -Feeding Gabble Barks(SG)
125 -Feeding Gabble(SG)
126 -Group Calling(SG)
127 -Incoming Feeding(SG)
128 -Individual Calls(SG)
070 -Greater Snows(SG)
129 -Snow Fun(SG)
130 -Snow Fun2(SG)
131 -Snows Snows Snows(SG)
311 -Feeding Mallards(MD)
300 -Snow Geese(SG)
307 -Snow Goose Lrg Flock 1(SG)
308 -Snow Goose Lrg Flock 2(SG)
319 -Sandhill Crane(SHC)

African Sounds

710 -Black Backed Jackal
711 -Jackal Challenge
712 -Jackal Howl
713 -Jackal
720 -Cheetah Female Call
721 -Cheetah Male Call
750 -African Lion Roar
751 -African Lion Cub Beg
705 -Spotted Hyena
730 -Princess Bird Distress

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